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resolution space

Resolution Space

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PracticeForte Resolution Space

Need a unique meeting space or function room for rent in Singapore? That is centrally located, and offers an incredible atmosphere?

Or do you need some space that is sober yet inspiring with an atmosphere that helps disputing parties find common ground?

PracticeForte Resolution Space has got you covered!

Located along Shenton Way, at one end of Singapore’s Central Business District, PF Resolution Space has a panoramic view of the Tanjong Pagar Port Terminal, the Singapore Straits and, on a clear day. of Batam Island.

Our strategic location provides for guests to easily arrive by car (we are just off the MCE), MRT (Tanjong Pagar Station, Shenton Way Station, and the upcoming Prince Edward Road Station), and bus. This makes PF Resolution Space an easily accessible meeting and event venue in Singapore.

Consultation Room 1

This is a small cozy meeting/consultation room that fits 4.

Consultation Room 2

This meeting/consultation room fits 6.

Training Space

  • Sea View
  • Flexible configurations to suit different training sizes and needs
  • Fibre broadband, charging stations & presentation screen
  • Ability to host private events for up to 50 pax (standing)
  • Comfortable seating for 20 pax
  • Designer pantry to support lunches and coffee breaks

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