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PF Restructure For Life

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Designed by Experts, Built in Peace.

What is PF Restructure?

At its core, it is quite simply an approach. It is an approach that brings awareness to how most problems are multi-faceted, that conflicts often have more than one cause.

It is an approach to figure out what you want, how you want it , what will help, how to get there.

PF Restructure is a cross functional initiative to problem solving and dispute resolution with support from the disciplines of law, finance, psychology, mediation, counselling and therapy.

Designed by Experts, Built in Peace

PF Restructure is conceived by the founding lawyers of OTP Law Corporation through their combined experiences in dispute resolution since 1988.

Collaborating with our affiliates in PracticeForte Advisory, PF Restructure offers up a panel of experts steeped in specialised knowledge whether it is in  identifying causes of conflict or strategizing ways of resolution.

Importantly, PF Restructure advocates peace in all its approaches.

PF Restructure is universal even as you embark onto a new phase in life, for yourself, with family or at work. 

Pre-Divorce Workshop Resource

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