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PF Restructure For Business

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Designed by Experts, Built in Peace.

PF Restructure For Business


  • Start-ups
  • SMEs
  • MNCs

People like you and me and our friends and especially our frenemies.


Teaching and using an approach with a non-escalating mindset and the skills of effective communication and strategic negotiation toward a settlement of issues.



  • Seeding and building corporate culture.
  • Reinforcement prior to and in the confidential resolution of work and personal disputes when they arise privately and outside the litigation system.


At the workplace, at home, at play.  Wherever there is more than 1 person.


Not surprisingly, no one has asked us this yet.

But Why Not

It’s more inclusive than divisive
Better for your pocket
Better for your wellbeing
Better for the relationships that matter to you

Change just starts with you. And me.

This Is How We See Things

What We Achieve.

We can help any company which is building a breathing culture of diversity and inclusiveness. This naturally carry with it actual diverse perspectives (from bases of gender, race, culture, inter-personal communications, professional domains etc) that will come together to drive, within the company, inter-personal communications,  building of personal and business trust, human and corporate welfare and well-being issues.  It will help build functioning teams that work from the inside out.

How We Do It.

In the conduct of company businesses and employee or shareholder issues, we focus on the process of mediation, structured for effective negotiation based on an emphasis on common interests and the preservation of vital longer-term relationships.

This helps in forming a foundation for the everyday reinforcement of a corporate culture in the absence of disputes, best applied before going down the toxic road of litigation.  But quite refreshingly useful even in that event.

We help companies negotiate and settle contractual and commercial issues in respect of, amongst other things

  • investor agreements, especially where affected by shareholder woes
  • contracts for and of service
  • employer-employee relations
  • stalled mergers and acquisition talks
  • landlord/tenant agreements
  • supply chain contracts
  • franchisor-franchisee relations
  • any other contractual/relational issues
How We Do It

Cross Discipline X Cross Functional.

We believe in and are formed to work in an inter-disciplinary way. We can customise to needs, and also have specifically tailored programs within our mediation framework addressing pertinent issues from our experienced legal domain.

We either dive-down or integrate with what we call a social science perspective.  We work and co-structure programs from/with social scientists who inform us on race and inter-cultural issues; to pollinating with practising psychologists who inform us on post-trauma issues and recovery mechanisms.

Besides training, we of course, started early on as consultants on negotiated settlements and agreements.  Our team of international mediators span what we call our EU-ASEAN connect and we are grateful for all they have brought to us.

Strategic Partnership For Work Life Balance.

Our take on work-life balance is just this – that it is the quality of work and the quality of life that matters beyond just putting aside some time for work and the rest of it for life and calling it a balance if you get the weekend off.  And hopefully nothing implodes at either place.

Above we shared with you what we can do in our small way to seed quality into the workspace.

We are in the midst of forming long-term strategic partnerships with kindred folk to better collaborate and convert a person at a time to a more sustainable working and living world

Besides training, we of course, started early on as consultants on negotiated settlements and agreements.  Our team of international mediators span what we call our EU-ASEAN connect and we are grateful for all they have brought to us.

Life Skills.

But importantly, we have also always focused on resolving disputes in personal lives, where people go about burying all sorts of things so they can function better at work and, strangely, as people.

We see and train our mediation as part of the basic basket of pivotal life skills.  We also trian people to be mediators – the gift that keeps on giving.  And we have just been accredited to the Singapore International Mediation Institute.

The better we acquire these skills, the more we can all confidently bring who we are, or want to be, to our work and our workspaces. And our lives.

In the personal space, we focus on keeping private relationships safe and resolving issues in a safe space.  and of course, keeping it out of court, save in instances of physical violence and penal crimes.

Amongst other things, we had served these areas:

  • parent-child and co-parent-child relations
  • siblings relations including applications under the Mental Capacity Act
  • child therapy/play therapy
  • ongoing marital disputes, with counseling, as well as helping with the practical solutioning beyond
  • divorce and settlement agreements touching on custody, relocation, bi even tri national marriages and assets (local and worldwide) with impact on existing business concerns
  • inter-family and inter-generational family office issues with a focus on confidentiality and preserving relations

You can see that any of the above will throw your work-life off-kilter.  Imagine then a very possible confluence of more than one or more of these issues, and the urgencies of their competing tsunamic priorities on your peace of mind and dollar.  It happens quite a lot because life is like that.  We have a way of helping when things aggregate – we have come to call it PF RESTRUCTURE. 

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