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Singapore has become a home to many international families. In fact, one in three marriages in Singapore involves a foreign spouse.  These spouses come from different countries or hold multiple citizenships when they decide to grow roots in Singapore. When such married couples decide to divorce, we generally regard this as a cross-border divorce.

Two observations have led to the creation of PF Relocation: first, how cross-border divorce is becoming increasingly common in Singapore; and second, the “trailing spouse” phenomenon.

The problem with being a “trailing spouse” is that the spouse with care and control of the child is unable to move and live in the country of their origin without their ex-spouse’s consent. This can potentially lead to allegations of child abduction should such consent not be obtained. It will also result in further strains between the parties’ relationship, their child’s welfare, finances and time constraints may also suffer.

What we can do

PF Relocation is the brainchild of Ms June Lim of Eden Law Corporation. Our aim is to provide legal help in an empathetic and accessible manner to “trailing spouses”. We want to help them overcome the difficulties in obtaining consent, so that they can return to their countries of origin with their children with an ease of mind.

This means we will help you facilitate a dialogue with your spouse to obtain consent for relocation. If the dialogue fail, we then advocate a formal application to the court asking for leave to return to your country or to move to another location with your child because such relocation is in your child’s best interests.

Why us?

The professionals in PracticeForte Advisory is a cross disciplinary one. We collaborate in the spirit of our twin pillar focus of “Building Peace, Building Expertise”. Our solutions are tempered with empathy, prioritising peaceful resolutions, constantly mindful of preserving relationships so that effective co-parenting can be achieved (“Building Peace”). The professionals handling your matter come together with their focused experience and specialisations  to work as a team. These professionals include family lawyers, financial counsellors, expert therapists, parenting co-ordinators, mediators, child representatives and conflict coaches. Your choices will be based on advice and solutions steeped in years of experience and know how (“Building Expertise”).

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