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Sylvia Tan

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“Finding rays of hope in unexpected places”- Sylvia Tan

Sylvia Tan
Principal Counselling Psychologist

About Sylvia

Sylvia is a registered Counselling Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor with the Singapore Register of Psychologists. She received her training as a psychologist in Perth Western Australia where she lived and worked for many years before relocating back to Singapore with her family in 2014. Sylvia has been a counselling psychologist since 2002 and has worked across various settings such as psychiatric outpatient clinics, child protection services, non-profit organisations and family court systems in Australia and Singapore.

Amongst her specialisation in mental health, Sylvia has spent the last 10 years working with families undergoing divorce and separation. Sylvia was previously an expert witness and forensic report writer for the Family Court of Australia and the Principal Court Family Specialist at the Singapore Family Justice Courts (FJC), where she provided counselling and custody evaluation to families undergoing divorce. At FJC, she was instrumental in implementing the Child Inclusive Counselling and Mediation program, which introduced children in the divorce mediation process. Sylvia was also involved in the training of family lawyers for the Child Representative program and co-authored articles with family court judges on issues like “hearing the voice of the child”, therapeutic justice and the evolving family justice system in Singapore.

After her stint in FJC, Sylvia joined a social service agency- Community Psychology Hub (CPH) where she trained and supervised psychologists to conduct custody evaluation and provide intervention for families at the Divorce Support Specialist Agencies (DSSAs). She has trained mental health professionals in the social service sector on complex issues such as parental alienation and high conflict divorce. Sylvia was also instrumental in the development of the nation-wide online counselling service funded by the Ministry of Social and Family Services (MSF), which served individuals with marital, divorce and parenting difficulties.

Now in private practice, Sylvia continues her mission to support children and families undergoing divorce and separation. She is a strong advocate for peaceful resolution of divorce and believes in early intervention and support for families. Hence, she has founded Sylvia Tan Psychology Consultancy, a specialist psychology practice geared to provide sound and evidence-informed interventions for families undergoing divorce and separation. She is excited to be an affiliate with PracticeForte and looks forward to partnering with family lawyers in supporting their clients through difficult times.

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Sylvia is a lover of nature photography. Photos & Quotes by Sylvia Tan