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Intercultural Competence Workshop

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By Christian von Baumbach

Our world is becoming more and more diverse and complex. Many of us see ourselves as part of an international community. We are open minded and interact with people from different countries and backgrounds.

But despite the joys and merits of a multicultural world there can be hurdles as well. In a diverse context the probability of misunderstandings in communicative processes increases. Mediation is a procedure to make differences productive. That is a good foundation for dealing with complex cultural differences as well. To that goal mediators need to have good understanding of cultural aspects as well as intercultural communication skills.

Intercultural competence is the ability to analyse cultural aspects and act effectively in culturally diverse situations. It is a dynamic learning process that consists of scientific knowledge on culturally relevant topics as well as practical  skills of culturally sensitive behaviour and communication.

In this advanced training module mediators will learn about:

  • Intercultural competence as a learning process
  • Different definitions and concepts of culture
  • How to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in intercultural settings
  • Theory and practice of intercultural communication
  • A better understanding of the own cultural background

Candidates will improve their communication and mediation skills
through practical exercises, role plays and discussions.

Workshop Details

We will let you know about the next run of the Workshop. Meanwhile, if you want to contact any of our affiliates, just click here.

Learn about our trainer Christian von Baumbach.